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How does the hiring of election workers proceed?

Whether you're working at an Elections Canada office or a polling station, the hiring of election workers follows the rules in the CEA.

More specifically, for poll workers at the polling station, the following applies:

  • 1

    Recruitment officers, on behalf of the returning officers, do the hiring of poll workers in their riding.

  • 2

    Potential workers can apply in the appropriate employment section of the Elections Canada website

  • 3

    The recruitment officer conducts phone interviews.

  • 4

    If the interview is successful, the recruitment officer assigns the applicant to an online training session based on their position and, if applicable, to a place.

  • 5

    After the training session, applicants sign a solemn declaration and are officially hired to work either during the advance polls or on election day.

  • 6

    The returning officer evaluates how well you're doing, both during the training session and on the job.

The hiring process may vary for jobs at Elections Canada offices. Check the Elections Canada Employment page or reach out to your Elections Canada office (during an election only).