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Information Officer

Polling Station Workers

Description: The information officer (IO) is responsible for providing information services at a central polling place. The IO works with the deputy returning officer (DRO), poll clerk and registration officer, and works closely with the central poll supervisor (CPS) to make sure that electors are able to cast their ballots effectively, efficiently and safely. IOs, as election officers, may not participate in partisan political activities on election day.


Key activities

  • greets, situates and directs electors to the appropriate polling station or the registration desk, as required
  • reminds electors of any special processes or procedures, including the use of masks and hand sanitizers, as required during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • makes sure that voters have their voter information cards and ID ready
  • on election day, collects and organizes sequence number sheets for candidates
  • assists the CPS in overseeing foot traffic at the polling station and helping electors
  • makes sure electors are lined up safely, sanitizes high-use surfaces, assists in completing contact-tracing, if any
  • performs other duties as requested by the CPS or other staff, including the ballot count


$18.25 per hour

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