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Returning Officer

Polling Station Workers

Description: The deputy returning officer (DRO) makes sure that all electors are able to cast their ballot in an orderly way. DROs will be required to set up, open and close several polling stations, according to the instructions for safe set-up and service. DROs at advance polls will be required to open their polling stations on four separate days and count the ballots on election day.


Key activities

  • oversees voting within a specific polling station
  • makes sure that polling stations open and close at the prescribed time
  • verifies and enforces ID policy
  • manages the list of electors
  • prepares certificates and forms, and maintains records, as needed
  • supports electors needing special assistance or with marking their ballot, as needed
  • administers solemn declarations to electors, as needed
  • balances the number of ballots throughout the day
  • counts ballots on election night
  • completes and signs the Statement of the Vote with the final tally of vote counts
  • makes sure the ballot box is returned to the RO office on election night
  • at advance polls, makes sure that material is safely transported and stored between each day of voting
  • maintains peace and good order within a specific polling station


$18.25 per hour

For more information, please visit Elections Canada website.