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Central Poll

Polling Station Workers

Description: The central poll supervisor (CPS) makes sure that all electors are able to cast their ballot in an orderly way and that election officers carry out their work according to established procedures. The CPS is the liaison between the RO and election day election officers. They also perform quality control checks to ensure the integrity of the vote and report to the RO any incidents that occur at the polling place.


Key activities

  • directs the work of election officers within the central location and oversees their schedule
  • makes sure the polling station runs smoothly in terms of staffing, opening and closing, setting up and tearing down as prescribed by the RO
  • manages the collection and return of ballot boxes and election material
  • acts as liaison between the RO, ARO and poll workers
  • addresses any problems that may arise during the voting process
  • admits candidates' representatives and monitors them to make sure they are complying with Guidelines for Candidates' Representatives (EC 20045)
  • performs quality control checks to ensure the integrity of the vote
  • oversees the counting of ballots and phones in the results
  • oversees the organization and return of election material


$24.14 per hour

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