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Workshop and Outreach Tools

Help spread the word about federal elections

We've developed communication products to help people understand the voting process. Help spread the word with infographics, videos and e-versions of print products about:

  • Voting in the next federal elections
  • Registration and necessary ID when you go to vote
  • Voting assistance tools and services on election day

Visit elections.ca for the official information you need to vote in federal elections.

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Our network's resources and tools for your community

We work with organizations and community leaders across Canada to help Canadians find information on participating in a federal election. For more information about organizations that work with EC, visit our Connect page.

The following resources are hosted on external webpages. Note: By clicking on the following links, you will be leaving Elections Canada's website. Elections Canada is not responsible for the contents of these webpages. We've grouped the links into three collections:

Finding Your Path: Tools for Digital and Civic Literacy: These are tools for evaluating and sharing information in an engaging way that considers the many different needs of members in every community. The tools may benefit anyone who wants to remove barriers to information through digital and civic literacy.

Mapping Your Journey to Participating in a Federal Election: These tools help individuals think and talk about ways to participate in a federal election. The tools may benefit anyone serving a community of Canadians who are looking for information about participating in a federal election, but are not sure where to start.

Let's Talk about That: These tools can help Canadians have respectful and constructive political discussions. They may benefit community members who are intimidated, overwhelmed or unsure about their thoughts on federal elections or understanding of the electoral process. These tools are useful for helping people talk about these ideas in a welcoming space.

Finding Your Path: Tools for Digital and Civic Literacy

ABC Life Literacy

A Guide to Voting: A Literacy Practitioner Workbook for Voting in the 2019 Federal Election

This resource was created to help literacy practitioners engage adult learners in civic literacy in advance of the October 2019 general election. Students will learn about voting basics, such as how to register to vote, the different ways to vote, and the accessibility resources available. They also guide practitioners when talking to their students about why voting is important and what to expect at a polling station.

The ABC Internet Matters workbook

ABC Internet Matters empowers Canadians who are uncomfortable using the Internet by giving them the knowledge they need to get started. Through the program, adults develop a deeper understanding of the Internet, how they can access it affordably, and how to evaluate online information that will help them do the things that are important to them, their families, work and community.

Democratic Engagement Exchange

Vote PopUp

Vote PopUp is a toolkit to spark interest in elections and make the voting process easier to understand for first-time voters and those who don't vote often. It includes everything needed to create a simulated polling station (ballot box, voting screens and sample ballots) as well as a guide on best practices.

Mapping Your Journey to Participating in a Federal Election

The Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy (IFSD)

Journey to Running in a Federal Election Video Series

This is a series of seven bilingual videos that document the experiences of former candidates and campaign workers.


The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA) created the 2019 Federal Election Student Engagement toolkit, designed for post-secondary students. This tool was conceived as part of CASA's overall election activities and specifically presents information for student associations and leaders on the Voting on Campus program, as well as employment opportunities associated with the program.

Apathy is Boring

Apathy is Boring created and shared a youth-oriented videos, #YourFirstTime, which provides information on registering and voting.

Let's Talk about That

Democratic Engagement Exchange: Democracy Talks

Democracy Talks is a set of practical tools and resources to help make democracy more inclusive. It provides activities that are now part of existing community programs. Democracy Talks is for any local or national group that would like to use a non-partisan approach to empower its members and create a culture where people are involved in moving democracy forward. It can be especially useful for groups that work with marginalized people who face economic or social barriers to inclusion, or with newcomers who want to learn about how Canadian politics works and how to get involved.

Native Women's Association of Canada (NWAC): 2019 Voting Guide for Indigenous Women, Two‑Spirit, and LGBTQQIA Voters

This guide aims to explain the voting process in Canada so electors will feel more confident and informed when going to vote. It may also help them play a larger role in shaping their community by learning about the electoral process; they can develop confidence to run for a leadership position in their community or elsewhere. The guide also provides information on the benefits and challenges of voting, offering practical solutions to many common barriers. It includes useful activities on the topics of voting and civic participation to help engage young Indigenous women.